Alopecia Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

What is Alopecia?

Commonly known as hair loss or baldness, alopecia is characterized by lack or loss of hair. Clearly, this can occur on a specific area of your scalp, however in few cases, the entire scalp can be affected. Not merely the scalp is the target of alopecia, as some individuals may experience hair loss on other areas of their body as well. Losing the hair can be either permanent or temporary, besides, anyone, regardless of his or her age can be affected by alopecia. Indeed, it is more distressing in case the condition affects your scalp. Patches of hair loss can range from a small patch to complete hair loss; of the hair bearing areas for example body hair, scalp, eyelash, and eyebrow.


Alopecia Causes

Alopecia causes are many, few of which are certain prescription medicines, ringworm of scalp, physical or emotional stress, radiation therapy, burns, scalp rubbing, hair pulling, cancer treatment (chemotherapy), hormonal changes, prolonged fever, genetics, thyroid disease and taking birth control pills.

Alopecia Symptoms

Alopecia symptoms depend upon the type of alopecia you have, for example, alopecia areata sources patches of hair loss, these patches may occur on any hair bearing part of your body.  Besides, alopecia universalis roots total hair loss on your body, whereas alopecia totalis causes complete hair loss on your scalp.

Alopecia Diagnosis

Alopecia Diagnosis consists of physical examination, family and medical history of the patient. In addition to this, the doctor will also check for the rate and pattern of hair loss. It is also expected, that the doctor will suggest blood test. This will help him determine whether or not, some medical condition has led the hair loss. Some biopsies are also likely to be done.

Alopecia Prognosis

Alopecia Prognosis is good, in case a right treatment is pursued at the earliest. Complete hair recovery is possible. Though, few individuals with long-term alopecia and eczema may not have a good outcome.

Alopecia Prevention

Since there are a number of triggers that leads to hair loss, wherein few are preventable, while others are not. Alopecia prevention includes avoiding stress, specific medicines and hairstyles that can damage the hair. It is important to consume a diet sufficient in iron and protein. Unfortunately, alopecia that is inherited is unpreventable.


Alopecia Treatment

The reliable Alopecia Herbal Treatment is a tablet named olceton, offered by Herbs Solutions By Nature. Olceton is prepared using natural Herbs, all of which are widely studied for years, to compose the best possible solution for hair loss caused by alopecia. This herbal medicine has no substitute when it comes to effectiveness. It has zero side effects and is best for recovering the patches of hair loss. Herbs used for preparing the tablet are of great importance and worth. Balding may cause scarring, however, the continuous use of Olceton will ensure to improve it. In addition, the herbal medicine will help in boosting the hair growth and making their strands even stronger. It is advice to follow the instructions mentioned on its packing, to attain maximum effectiveness.


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