Eye Bags Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What Are Eye Bags?

Eye Bags is the mild puffiness or swelling beneath the eyes and are usually seen as you age. As a life moves on, the eyes tissues weaken which are comprised of several muscles supporting the eyelids. Normal fat supporting the eyes that can move into the lower eyelids causes the lids to seem puffy. Also, fluid may gather in the space under your eyes, leading towards swelling. Eye Bags are usually concerned with cosmetic and hardly a serious sign of basic medical state. Certain home remedies, for instance: cool compresses, aid improve the eye bags appearance. For bothersome or persistent puffiness below eye, cosmetic treatments are also present. Eye Bags Causes, Symptoms

Eye Bags Symptoms:

Eye Bags Symptoms can consist of:

  • Loose or Saggy skin.
  • Mild swelling.
  • Dark Eye circles.

May be, you don’t like the way your eyes look, but eye bags are harmless usually and do not require urgent medical care. Visit the doctor if the eye swelling:

  • Is persistent and severe.
  • Is along with redness, pain or itching.
  • Affects other body parts, for example your legs.

Eye Bags Causes:

As time passes, the muscles and tissue structures supporting the eyelids weaken. There may be sagging of skin, as well as fat that is confined normally to the eye area (orbit) can move below the eyes. Moreover, the space present below your eyes can gather fluid, making the area under the eye look swollen or puffy. Several Eye Bags Causes can lead to this, such as:

  • Retention of fluid due to weather changes (for instance, humid, hot days), hormone levels or consuming salty Foods.
  • Not taking enough amount of sleep.
  • Dermatitis or Allergies, particularly if puffiness is present wit hitching and redness.
  • Heredity.

Eye Bags Diagnosis:

The Eye Bags Diagnosis can be done after seeking medical advice. The doctor may ask you a several questions, such as: Have you ever noticed puffiness under your eyes before? Are these symptoms occasional or continuous? Have you tried anything before to improve the symptoms?

Eye Bags Prognosis:

The Eye bags Prognosis is not a tough task. Following tips can assist you eliminate or reduce eye bags:

  • Utilize a technique “cool compress”.
  • Take enough sleep during the night.
  • Sleep with the slightly raised head.
  • Reduce the symptoms of allergy.

Eye Bags Prevention:

While sleeping, raising the head is the foremost Eye bags Prevention as it can prevent the gravitational fluid redistribution that is linked with the eye bags. A diet based on low-crabs can prevent eye bags by checking water retention. It is also important to include foods rich in vitamins, particularly A, E and C because it helps to reduce eye bags and to maintain clear as well as moist skin. Eye Bags Causes, Symptoms

Eye Bags Treatment:

There is no specific eye bags treatment. Home-care and lifestyle changes may assist eliminate or reduce puffy eyes.  However, Herbs Solutions By Nature has provided by Natural Treatment for Eye Bags, Gabeton that helps eliminate swelling and puffiness of the eyes. This product is composed of pure herbs that fight against the Eye bags symptoms. Majorly, it reduces the eye bags formation by controlling the retention of fluid near the eye bags.


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