What is Bell’s Palsy?

What Is Bell’s Palsy?

The medical term, Bell’s Palsy is basically the disorder of facial cranial nerve, the specific nerve responsible for controlling muscles movement in our face. Any damage caused to the nerve leads paralysis or weakness of such muscles. More specifically, an individual with paralysis become unable to use his or her muscle, by any means.

Bell’s Palsy Causes,Symptoms

Bell’s Palsy Causes

Clearly, scientists have failed to identify the clear Bell’s Palsy Causes. However, facial nerve is damaged in the disorder. Viral infection is assumed to play a role in its contribution, where some viruses are believed to be actively involved in its instigation; these are herpes simplex (sources genital herpes), influenza B (flu), mumps virus (mumps), Epstein-Barr (mononucleosis), herpes zoster (chickenpox) and rubella (German measles).

Bell’s Palsy Symptoms

Bell’s Palsy Symptoms tend to vary, ranging from mild face numbness to complete paralysis. Signs develop instantly and can include paralysis or weakness in a specific part of your face, this make the affected part to droop and causes problem to close your eyelid. Besides, affected eye can become irritated, and the patient may feel pain below the ear. Mouth dryness, headache, affected sense of taste, impaired speech, dizziness and difficulty to drink and eat are few other symptoms of Bell ’s palsy.

Bell’s Palsy Diagnosis

For Bell’s Palsy Diagnosis, the doctor will carry out a through physical examination of the patient. In which, the patient will be asked to move his or her facial muscles. Few tests can be suggested, in case the health care provider is not certain about its diagnosis, and is confused with some other medical conditions sharing the same signs of Bell’s palsy. These include electromyography and imaging scans.

Bell’s Palsy Prognosis

Bell’s palsy prognosis is very good. To what extent the disorder recovers, tend to rely upon the extent of damage occurred to the facial cranial nerve. Clearly, the time of recovery differ from sufferer to sufferer, though in most cases, improvement occurs steadily.

Bell’s Palsy Prevention

Bell’s palsy prevention is nearly impossible, since the precise cause of the disorder is unknown. However; for a healthy lifestyle, it is important to follow a well-balanced diet, avoid being stressed and exercise daily for at least 20 minutes every day.

Bell’s Palsy Causes,Symptoms

Bell’s Palsy Treatment

Bell’s palsy treatment includes massage, antiviral drugs and steroid medications. However; an effective medicine for the patients of Bell’s palsy is pebneton. Offered by Herbs Solutions By Nature, the medicine is the herbal supplement that has successfully treated a number of individuals with the disorder. The beneficial Herbs used for preparing the tablet were well researched for years. The purpose was to prepare a solution that causes no side effects in the future. Being an herbal medicine, the tablet may work gradually, though effectively. To attain maximum benefit from the medicine, it is important to use it regularly, and follow the mentioned instructions accordingly. The tablet is best known for reducing the occurrence of headache and strengthening the affected face muscles. Thus, this makes it a must try for the patients of Bell’s Palsy Herbal Treatment.


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