Blepharitis Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

What Is Blepharitis?

The medical condition, Blepharitis is referred to the inflammation which affects a person’s eyelids. Thecondition encompasses the region close to the eyelashes area of eyelid. More often, it develops when oil glands, positioned close to the base of our eyelashes tend to malfunction, such results in itchy and inflamed eyelids. Certain health diseases are known to instigate blepharitis. Being a chronic condition most of the time, the treatment of blepharitis can be challenging. Indeed, the affected appearance of the eyes caused by the condition can be distressing, though, thankfully, blepharitis is not dangerous, whilst causes no lasting affects to the patient’s eyesight.

Blepharitis Causes

 Blepharitis Causes

The clear Blepharitis Causes are yet to be known. Though, a number of factors are considered in playing a role in its development, these are specific medication, eyelash lice, eyelash mites, allergies caused by eye makeup, solution of contact lens etc, rosacea, malfunction of the oil glands present in our eyelid, bacterial infection and seborrheic dermatitis.

Blepharitis Symptoms

Some common Blepharitis Symptoms are crusting of eyelashes, dry eyes, blurry vision, swollen and red eyelids, swollen and red eyes, light sensitivity, eye burning, watery eyes and feeling of having some particle in the eye. As mentioned earlier, the affected appearance of the eyes can lead to embarrassment, resulting in social and emotional distress.

Blepharitis Diagnosis

More often, Blepharitis Diagnosis is based upon a thorough medical examination of the patient, wherein the health care provider will circumspectly examine the patient’s eye and eyelids. For the purpose, he will use a certain magnifying instrument. Rarely, a sample of crust or oil is taken from the eyelid, with the help of a swab. This is used for seeking the signs of allergy, fungi or bacteria.

Blepharitis Prognosis

Usually, blepharitis prognosis is good, if right treatment is pursued. However, it is important to ensure proper cleaning of the eyelid, in order to avoid the problem to recur. Persistent treatment can help in reducing redness, whilst making the eyes comfortable.

Blepharitis Prevention

Indeed, following good hygiene practice is considered an important factor in Blepharitis prevention. Using a cotton ball, clean your eyelids gently. Regular cleaning will help minimize the risks of contracting blepharitis to a considerable level. Besides, immediately follow treatment for the skin conditions that may worsen blepharitis.

Blepharitis Causes

Blepharitis Treatment

An effective Blepharitis treatment that has treated innumerable patients with blepharitis, is an herbal supplement named, phlereton. Offered by Herbs Solutions By Nature, the herbal medicine is made up of some very useful herbs that are well studied prior the formation. The tablet holds no artificial chemicals and side effects.Over the years, Phlereton has helped in serving the patients with best possible solution for blepharitis. Its regular use has proved to ease redness, swelling, itchiness and irritation encompassing the eyes and eyelids. It also helps in getting rid of dryness and dandruff, caused by the condition. All in all, phlereton is the most effective solution, as compared to the conventional medicines present for Blepharitis Natural Treatment.


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