What Is Delayed Ejaculation, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

What Is Delayed Ejaculation?

Delayed Ejaculation, also known as impaired ejaculation, is a disorder in which there is an extended sexual stimulation period for a man to attain sexual high point as well as release sperm from the penis (that is known as ejaculation). Men suffering from delayed ejaculation can not ejaculate properly.
This delayed ejaculation can be lifetime or a temporary problem. Most possible delayed ejaculation causes contains several chronic health states, medications and surgeries. Delayed ejaculation treatment usually depends on the basic cause.

Delayed Ejaculation Symptoms

Delayed ejaculation is seen when a man wants above 30 minutes of sexual orgasm stimulation and then ejaculate. The process, ejaculation occurs after the discharge of semen from the penis. However, some men can ejaculate with the oral or manual stimulation only, whereas some can’t ejaculate.
A lifelong DE problem is not same from an attained issue in life later. Some men show generalized Delayed Ejaculation Symptoms in which DE is seen in every sexual situation. For others, it may occur only with specific partners or in definite conditions.

Delayed Ejaculation Causes

Delayed ejaculation causes are several chronic health situations, medications and surgeries. The Delayed Ejaculation Causes consist of:

  • Several birth faults affecting the reproductive system of male.
  • Pelvic nerves Injury that control orgasm.
  • Several infections.
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI) or Prostate infection
  • Certain conditions related to Hormone, such as hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone or may be low testosterone).
  • Anxiety, Depression associated with several mental health situations.

Delayed Ejaculation Diagnosis:

The Delayed Ejaculation Diagnosis can be done by stimulating the penis by the help of a vibrator or any other tool to find out whether there is any physical problem. A neurological examination (nervous system) might reveal other problems of nerve that are linked with the delayed ejaculation.

Delayed Ejaculation Prognosis

Delayed Ejaculation Symptoms

Commonly, the treatment wants about twelve to eighteen sessions. The success rate average is 70 – 80 percent.
The Delayed Ejaculation Prognosis will be better if:

  • A person has a past satisfying history of sexual experiences.
  • The problem hasn’t been happening for a long time.
  • Sexual desire feelings are present.
  • A person feels love toward his sexual partner.
  • You don’t have serious psychological issues.

Delayed Ejaculation Prevention

As it can occur for a number of psychological and physical causes, not a single strategy is used for delayed ejaculation prevention. However, taking such steps may aid:

  • Use extra time with the partner to enhance closeness.
  • Avoid or cut down the alcohol use.
  • Do not use illegal drugs, for instance,marijuana.
  • Cut down tobacco.
  • Exercise frequently.
  • Make certain steps to manage or cut down stress.
  • Take enough sleep.
  • Get help for depression or anxiety.
  • Make certain you are getting the treatment you need for any chronic health problems.

Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

Delecreton is an herbal treatment that has been invented by the expert herbalists who after careful studying each and every herb used in the manufacturing of Delecreton declared it as one of the best herbal product for the Delayed Ejaculation Natural Treatment worldwide. Delecreton is consisted of herbal ingredients by Herbs Solutions by Nature that has no side effects and with regular use this treatment can works wonders like literally for the disease.


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