Emphysema Causes,Symptoms,Diagnosis And Treatment

What Is Emphysema?

Emphysema is a form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, wherein minute air sacs, called alveoli, present in our lungs trap air within them. As more and more air gathers in them, they turn bigger, and can rupture or get damaged and develop scar tissue. The condition causes breathing difficulties that progress with time. Regular smoking is the foremost cause of emphysema. When alveoli get larger, the lung’s surface area becomes condensed. This causes less oxygen to get into your bloodstream. Damaged caused by emphysema is irreversible; however a right treatment can help slow down its progression and ease its symptoms.

Emphysema Causes

Consistent, long-term tobacco smoking is among the leading Emphysema Causes.  Besides, few less common causes include marijuana smoking, exposure to coal, factory fumes and air pollutions. In addition to the causes of emphysema, it is rarely triggered by the deficiency of alpha-1-antitrypsin, a protein responsible for defending the flexible structures in our lungs. The deficiency is inherited. Such a condition is known as alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency emphysema.

Emphysema Symptoms

Emphysema Symptoms include breathing difficulties. The condition can go unnoticed for years, as initially it may cause shortness of breath while you perform strenuous activities. Gradually, the symptoms worsen, causing shortness of breath even while performing day to day tasks such as changing clothes, reading and getting ready for work. The problem will lead to such an extent that you will have breathing difficulties while you are asleep.

Emphysema Diagnosis

For Emphysema Diagnosis, the Health Care Provider will need details regarding your symptoms. He or she will ask certain questions related to your lifestyle, possibly including the ones related to your smoking habits. A long history of tobacco smoking will make the doctor doubtful, and he will suggest few tests to confirm its diagnosis, these tests include imaging tests, lung function tests and lab tests.

Emphysema Prognosis

Clearly, emphysema prognosis is poor. Being a chronic disease, it progresses gradually and leads to some life-threatening complications in its due course. Death is common. Even though, it is incurable, yet an effective treatment can slow down its progression and helps the patient to lead a normal life.

Emphysema Prevention

Emphysema prevention is greatly possible. You can minimize your risk of contracting emphysema simply by quitting your habit of tobacco smoking. This will not merely help in preventing emphysema, but a number of many other diseases caused by tobacco smoking.

Emphysema Causes

Emphysema Treatment

Hysmeton, an herbal supplement offered by Herbs Solutions by Nature is the foremost effective Emphysema Natural Treatment.  Over the years, this herbal medicine has helped countless of patients with emphysema by easing their symptoms and slowing its progression. Herbs used for preparing the herbal medicine are widely studied and researched. They are the purest and beneficial when it comes to ease the problems related to breathing. These natural herbs, after being composed in a form of tablet, help to relax the breathing muscles, reduce wheezing and prevent the attrition of lung tissues. The tablet does not claim to cure emphysema, but its regular use ensures maximum effectiveness, without causing any side effect in the long run.



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