Narcolepsy Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Prevention and Treatment

The chronic sleep disorder, narcolepsy is described by irresistible sleep bouts and overpowering drowsiness at daytime. Individuals suffering from this nervous system disorder find trouble to keep themselves awaken for long, in spite of any situation. The sleep disorder can lead to great disturbance in one’s daily routine. Clearly, Narcolepsy is incurable, though certain changes in lifestyle accompanied with a treatment tends to help manage its signs.

Narcolepsy Causes:

The precise Narcolepsy Causes are yet to be known; however possibilities of genetics in relation with environmental trigger exist (such as a virus). The combination affects the chemicals of the brain and instigates narcolepsy. Besides, scientists have found out that individuals with narcolepsy actually lack orexin, the brain chemical responsible for controlling sleep and stimulating arousal.

Narcolepsy Symptoms:

Generally, Narcolepsy Symptoms develop between 10-25 years of ages. In the initial years, the symptoms can be worsening, and then persist for the entire lifetime. Few of them are sleep paralysis, hallucinations, unexpected loss of muscle control and excessive sleepiness at day time. People with narcolepsy can also experience other sleep disorders as well, for example obstructive sleep apnea. In addition to this, few episodes can be short, persisting for some seconds. During such, an individual can undergo an automatic behavior. This means, that while an individual is doing a task and he falls asleep, for example driving or writing, he will continue doing the task even after he is asleep. However, when he will wake up, he will not remember anything he did.

Narcolepsy Diagnosis:

Narcolepsy Diagnosis is depended upon many factors; these include multiple sleep latency test, sleep study, sleep diaries or logs, certain questionnaires and clinical evaluation.

Narcolepsy Prognosis:

It is a lifetime condition; however narcolepsy prognosis is only better with treatment. It can be controlled, but not cured. Indeed, the condition can turn life-threatening in case the sleep episodes tend to occur while you are climbing stairs, driving your car etc. The patient needs support from the family and friends to manage his or her condition.

Narcolepsy Prevention:

Unfortunately, there nothing you can do for Narcolepsy Prevention. However, pursuing a right treatment can help control the sleep disorder by minimizing the occurrence of attacks. In case you have a tendency of narcolepsy attacks, it is advice to avoid certain situations that may cause the condition.

Narcolepsy Treatment:

As mentioned earlier, narcolepsy can be managed and controlled with an effective treatment plan. Therefore, a valuable Narcolepsy Natural Treatment that has treated innumerable patients with narcolepsy is an herbal supplement named, Sepreton. Offered by Herbs Solutions by Nature, the herbal medicine is made up of some very useful herbs that are well studied and experimented prior the formation of sepreton. The tablet holds no artificial chemicals and side effects.

Over the years, Sepreton, has helped in serving the patients by easing their symptoms of narcolepsy. It helps in eliminating fatigue and signs of depression. It boosts the energy level and will help you keeping active all long. Though, the effects of narcolepsy are temporary and the tablet is not the ultimate cure of narcolepsy!



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