Keloids Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Prevention and Treatment

Keloids, the medical term is a skin condition characterized by a type of scar. They form gradually and encompass the part outside the initial limits of your wound. Keloids develop over the surface of your skin, and usually arise in irregular patterns. Generally, they tend to enlarge gradually and have a shiny, dome shape. In addition to the appearance of Keloids, these are of purple or pink color. Unlike the other scars, keloids do not resolve and are hard to treat. People with dark skin color have more tendencies to develop keloids, as compared to the others.

Keloids Causes:

The precise Keloids Causes are yet to be known, however, as per the belief of researchers; keloids have some connection with the cellular signals responsible for managing the growth. Besides many forms of skin injury can lead to the scarring of keloid, such as acne scars, surgical cuts, scratches, chickenpox scars, burns, ear piercing or vaccination sites. The skin condition is also known to be hereditary. Keloids are particularly common in Hispanics, Asians and in African Americans, besides in individuals between the ages of 10-20.

Keloids Symptoms:

Keloids Symptoms include pink, or red colored scar that may develop over the area of an injury or wound. Keloids, can be ridged or lumpy and can be itchy. These tender scars may become irritated due to fiction. Clearly, a keloid is known to turn darker in case of being exposed to the sun during the initial year of its emergence. This darker, tan color does not fade without a treatment.


Keloids Diagnosis:

Keloids Diagnosis is based upon the thorough examination of the skin. Rarely, the doctor suggests skin biopsy in order to find out other forms of growth.

Keloids Prognosis:

Keloids prognosis is relatively good in case a right treatment is pursued at the earliest. Even though, the skin condition is not serious, yet it can affect your appearance. Treatment can help them get flatter, smaller and less obvious.

Keloids Prevention:

Keloids Prevention is pretty hard, as the precise cause of its occurrence is unknown. Though, considering the possible factors that may contribute in its instigation, few are avoidable whereas others are next to impossible. For its prevention, people with increased susceptibility, for example the ones those have a family history of keloids or the ones with a darker skin color, are advice to avoid elective procedures or surgeries for example piercing or tattooing.

Keloids Treatment:

Kleneton, an herbal supplement offered by Herbs Solutions by Nature, is the most effective Keloids Natural Treatment. The herbs used to compose the herbal tablet hold the potential to treat many of the symptoms associated with keloids.

It helps in reducing the scars occurred by an injury in the past. Besides, it may also help in resolving the persistent, bumpy scars that has affected your appearance. Its regular use does not prove to cure keloids, but, promises to help them get flatter, smaller and less obvious. For utmost effectiveness, follow the instructions mentioned on its packing.



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