The Common Problems Hand Tremors and the Best Herbal Treatment


Hand Tremors are generally referred to as a shaky hand. A hand tremor is not life-threatening, but it can make day by day tasks difficult. It can also be an early warning sign of some neurological and degenerative conditions. You should talk with your doctor if you suffering hand tremors.

Lots of people connect shaky hands with Parkinson’s disease, but the most common cause of Hand Tremors is actually essential tremor. The hand tremor is not so life frightening. But, when trying to do any work, it makes tasks very complicated. Like holding a glass of water or smoking, the hands seem to shake.

Most adults experience essential tremor, which is a common neurological disorder. It can be caused by malfunction of brain, but this is still not understood the exact cause.

When you try to use a muscle, you may experience tremors. There can be Hand Tremors, arms or even head. Tremors can be caused due to thyroid, health side effects, anxiety, and low blood sugar.

Simple ways to get rid of Hand Tremors….

Natural Remedies for Hand Tremors, Deep breathing work out: deep breathing exercise, meditation and yoga on daily basis can help get rid of hand tremors in few months.

  • Stress ball: use a stress ball when you feel nervous
  • Drink adequate water; add a pinch of sea salt
  • Good sleep for 8 hours
  • Food rich in B vitamin: like eggs, beans, milk, peans
  • Walnuts are also good in reducing the hand tremors
  • Use flex seeds and pumpkin seed oils
  • Eat fish which is good source of omega 3 fatty acids

Hand Tremors Herbal Treatment

In most cases, other health conditions such as thyroid, Parkinson’s disease, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, old age, etc is also known to cause trembling of hands and legs. Tremors can happen in any body part but more than 90% cases are found to occur in limbs. In case you also occur to be suffering from tremors and your case is not malignant then you can try out these effective home remedies and Hand Tremors Herbal Treatment along with your regular medicines prescribed by the physician. Keep in mind, doctor’s discussion is always a must.


Lavender for Hand Tremors 

Lavender is another very effective and beneficial Natural Treatment for Hand Tremors reduce and controlling hand tremors. Lavender helps in improving the general health and strength of the nervous system, thereby reducing the instances of hand tremors. Lavender helps in overcoming anxiety, tension and depression, which are the major Causes of Hand Tremors in a human being. This herb instantly provides a calming effect and uplifts the mood of the person.

Lavender is awfully useful in treating tremors of the hands, as it relaxes the tensed muscles and removes spasms. Lavender Essential oil can be added to pillow cases or the water to provide immediately relaxes the tensed muscles. Lavender can also be added to tea and consumed for reducing hand tremors.


Skullcap for Hand Tremors

Skullcap is an extremely ancient herb used for curing the problem of hand tremors. It helps in improving the overall nervous system of the body and is used to treat different other nervous system related disorders responsible for hand tremors. Skull cap is very useful in reducing anxiety and tension due to nerves, which is the main cause of hand tremors. The effectiveness of skullcap enhance on mixture with herb lady-slipper.


Chamomile for Hand Tremors

Chamomile is another very popular herb known widely for its calming and soothing properties, which are very effective in treating hand tremors. Chamomile helps the individual suffering from hand tremors due to anxiety and stress by moving them and providing a calming effect on the nervous system. Chamomile is a very strong antispasmodic herb which helps in relaxing muscle spasms, cramps etc., which cause hand tremors.


Rosemary for Hand Tremors

Rosemary is yet one more very useful herb in curbing the problem of hand tremors. It helps in improving the digestion and toning the liver and brain tissues. Tea made of rosemary leaves in very soothing and beneficial in improving hand tremors.


Valerian for Hand Tremors

This popular herb is generally used by people who have problems with their sleep and those who want to calm down and avoid anxiety. In case you didn’t know, Valerian is the basis of the well-known drug Valium. They have similar properties, but the major difference is that the effects are not so intense when you use Valerian.

When you use the Herbs for Hand Tremors, you will experience milder effects, but you will also avoid all the side effects of the drug. When you use it as a treatment for hand tremor you should use it previous to bedtime. In this way you will leave time for the herb to act and when you wake up you will be calm and your hands won’t be shaking.


Sage for Hand Tremors

The leaf of Sage plant has been used because centuries all over Europe to cure the problem of hand tremors. The sage leaves helps in toning the tissues of liver and kidney. It also helps in cleaning the liver toxins and in controlling perspiration.

Lady Slipper

Lady Slipper for Hand Tremors

The root of Lady-slipper is a extremely popular remedy for curing disorders of the nervous system like hand tremors. It is a natural nervine, which should only be taken upon proper discussion with an herbalist.

Homemade way is Yoga for Hand Tremors…...



People can prevent or stop hands tremors from the comfort of their home by doing yoga. In most cases stress leads to these tremors and if you use between 10 and 15 minutes per day doing yoga you will notice the difference. Yoga will help you get rid of stress and you will sleep better which means that the reasons for tremors in hands will be get rid of.

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