7 Herbal Treatments for Lichen Planus Skin Itching

Lichen Planus

There are various factors that can result in hair loss. One common disease is a disorder known as lichen planus. This particular disease is not in itself a direct cause but it is an essential trigger and often causes complications with the scalp and can lead to this problem.

Lichen planus is more of a skin disorder that also affects other parts of the body. Therefore, it cannot just affect the skin and body, but also the scalp. When the scalp is affected, hair loss is experienced. Lichen Planus is generally considered to be an allergic reaction and is often connected with a poor immune system. Some believe that lichen planus is triggered from too much stress. Stress weakens the body’s immune system and renders it susceptible to infection and other health symptoms such as hair loss. The chances of getting one more lichen planus attack increase with the first affliction, even with treatment and prevention measures.

Lichen Planus Herbal Treatment

For mild cases of lichen planus, which generally clear up in weeks or months, you may not need any treatment. If the symptoms are uncomfortable or harsh, your doctor can recommend medication.

There is no medication for lichen planus, but Lichen Planus Herbal Treatment that treats the symptoms are helpful and some may even be able to target a possible underlying cause.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera for Lichen Planus

Aloe vera has healing properties. Direct application of the aloe vera gel on the affected part can treat the symptoms of the medical condition.

Regular drinking of aloe vera juice diluted with water empty stomach in the morning can also help in the treatment.


Sage for Lichen Planus

For people suffering with oral lichen planus, simply chewing on sage can be a very helpful remedy that can help take away some of the pain. If you find chewing on sage also complicated, then you can prepare a tea with dried sage and drink that up instead.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Lichen Planus

There are literally hundreds of essential oils on the market today and most are safe to apply topically as long as they are used correctly. Many lichen planus sufferers have found that using essential oils on their skin provides a great deal of comfort by easing the itching and reducing redness and rashes.

Once you have chosen the best essential oil for you, it is essential that you dilute it properly with a carrier oil – for lichen planus, extra virgin coconut oil and olive oil are ideal. Then be sure to perform a patch test to make sure you are not sensitive.

Several of the most popular essential oils for lichen planus are lavender, tea tree, frankincense and peppermint. They can be used alone or in combination.


Turmeric for Lichen Planus

Turmeric is the powerhouse of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which are much needed in the condition like Lichen Planus. Turmeric is simply available approximately your kitchen and is an effective natural remedy.

Prepare a paste by adding water to the turmeric powder. Now apply that paste on the affected parts of the skin to soothe lesion, rashes, and blisters.

On the other hand, you can add wheat flour and milk to turmeric powder to make a paste to be applied on the lichen planus. You must use turmeric powder in your cooking.


Ginger for Lichen Planus

Ginger can be effective in this condition and check the growth of the problem. Apart from rubbing ginger on the affected part, you can take ginger tea 2-3 times a day for better results.
These are the simple herbal remedies to treat lichen planus. However, if you don’t have time and resources, you can apply Dr. Skin Aid for faster healing from Lichen Planus.

Basil Leaves for Lichen Planus

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of basil can treat lichen planus. Basil leaves are best Herbs for Lichen Planus. Fresh basil leaves can be chewed on a on a daily basis to get effective results. The juice extracted from basil leaves can be directly applied on the lesions. A individual can also add basil leaves or seeds in his/her meals.

Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil

Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil for Lichen Planus

There has not been any study to establish the healing effect of coconut oil on lichen planus yet. But lots of patients have reported significant improvement to complete cure after oil pulling with coconut oil or applying coconut oil on the affect area. Coconut oil has a soothing effect on itchy and dry skin.



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